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Cabinet door and drawer hardware installations


Jazz Cup Pull - #JCP3 Aqua Marine

Riffs 3'' Cup Pulls AM Aqua Marine accent cherry wood glass display cabinets. Interior fabrics have a hint of aqua tone to accent hardware selection.


Jazz Pull #JP12 SW Snow White

Textured front cabinetry in glossy white finish and Jazz 12'' pulls in Snow White satin finish stainless steel.


Riffs Pull #RP18 Bombay Blue

Riffs Long Pulls Gallery


Riffs Square Pull Stormy Black #RSQP 2, 4, & 6 in.

Square Pulls in Stormy Black Riffs Glass.


Ring Knob #JK11 & Jazz Cup Pulls 3 & 6 #JCP3 #JCP6 all in Mink

This is an example of our Ring Knob Colors on Granite White Tiger.

Ring knobs on walnut and oak cabinets.
Ring knobs in a gift box.