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Music is a small part of the Story, kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets, SPA cabinets, center dining room cabinets, private offices, enhancing the look of the room and putting the final touches the accessories, capturing the audience that's what Jazz & Riffs Hardware does for a space.

About Us

About Jazz & Riffs Hardware Collection

Stunning luxury cabinet hardware made of forged glass fused to a solid stainless-steel base, Jazz & Riffs hardware is elegant and durable, pieces sparkle, shine with pure clear color, each piece of hardware was designed to be placed with Contemporary, Transitional, and Traditional interior styles.

Cabinet hardware pulls knobs and shower door handles in Jazz & Riffs Hardware Collection have a unique flair, enhances the luxury of the interiors, harmonizing yet composed, Jazz & Riffs Hardware adds that finishing touch of jewelry to complete the design for your space.

Jazz and Riffs cabinet hardware was inspired by Interior Designer, Alexa Milton IIDA, for her hospitality projects, each piece was designed for a specific look of cabinetry and style for the interior she was creating, the ambient light played an important part in how Jazz & Riffs pieces were designed and how they enhanced the surrounding materials.

Alexa Milton IIDA founded and created Jazz & Riffs Hardware Collection LLC, has US Design Patents for each design, there is no other cabinet hardware like it, in the marketplace today.

Jazz & Riffs Hardware Collection is built through a sustainable process, which is handmade in the USA, it has 11 beautiful colors, hand crafted specifically to make a distinct styling for your interior design project. Mix and match collections to fit your specific kitchen and bathroom needs.

For more information, please contact us, we would love to hear from you. Jazz & Riffs Hardware,

It’s Music for your Eyes’



United States Innovation & Excellence Awards 2022 - LUXURY HARDWARE COMPANY OF THE YEAR -

United States
Innovation & Excellence Awards 2022
Jazz & Riffs Hardware Collection
By: Corporate Live Wire Publications UK

Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, Jazz & Riffs Hardware Collection is a manufacturing company specialising in luxury cabinet hardware. The company partners with various suppliers based across the country, and it has showroom collections in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, and New York. Furthermore, it regularly attracts business from architects, designers, and luxury construction contractors, and its products are frequently supplied to the luxury residential and hospitality industries. Jazz & Riffs distinctive line of hardware includes cabinet hand pulls, knobs, shower door handles, and handles that accent special area doors, and these products are fitted to cabinet doors, glass doors, and drawers.


The handmade product line was inspired by company founder Alexa Milton, an experienced interior designer who has developed fittings with a specific and unique design that can use ambient light to enhance the materials and furnishings around it – elevating any given interior to a new level of elegance. Jazz & Riffs continues to analyse its manufacturing process and already uses sustainable materials such as glass for a sizeable amount of its product line. Silica is the main component of creating glass, a renewable resource that’s found in sand – which is an almost limitless resource. The company also frequently uses 100% stainless steel, another green material that is fully recyclable and additionally, doesn’t produce any toxic run-off in production.

The judging panel was particularly impressed by the company’s innovative designs. Jazz & Riffs Hardware Collection have developed glass handles and cabinet pulls that are particularly distinctive because of their layered design, with each piece being accurately cut to specific shapes and sizes. Furthermore, the line is offered in 10 different colours so that clients can piece together the perfect look for their interiors.

There are two opposing styles, named Jazz and Riffs, and each one has officially been granted a design patent in the United States, ensuring that the company can continue to pioneer this luxury hardware. Its exquisite glass manufacturing has also led to developments in door handle design, where it has created larger versions for shower door panels and even for a home’s front door, where the design has proven resistant to all types of weather.


Another Perfect Fit! Jazz & Riffs and Chan’s Place

August 23, 2017 - Woodinville, WA -
I was just visiting Woodinville, WA and had dinner at a restaurant called Chan’s Place | Cuisine of China. Chan's is amazing, they serve upscale, traditional Chinese food but with a menu that has more fresh and stylized entrees.

The Chan's advocate using only the finest ingredients and the freshest produce available. Their cooks use low-cholesterol vegetable oil and imported herbs and spices to create their fresh and modern dishes.

But enough with the food! The look of the restaurant is stunning. It stays clean and beautiful day after day, and their two locations have been around for over 30 years. They've utilized Jazz & Riffs Hardware for all their cabinetry in the main dining areas, topping off the modern and luxurious feel.

Chan's Place is truly a restaurant that likes to stay current and deserves attention. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, check it out!


Jazz & Riffs Hardware Collection now displayed in Simon’s Hardware / Bath

July 13, 2017 - New York, NY -
Jazz & Riffs Hardware Collection is proud to be displayed in New York City’s oldest premier specialty hardware & plumbing retailer, Simon’s Hardware / Bath is a treasure trove of decorative and architectural hardware as well as kitchen and bath fixtures.

Their hardware specialist Daniel Poche is very knowledgeable about the J&R cabinet pulls and shower door handles. A one-stop-shop for Contractors, Architects, Designers and Homeowners, Simon’s has been supplying elegance to New Yorkers since 1908.

Visit their website: http://www.simonsny.com


New Cabinet Hardware

November 9, 2015 -
We would like to know what you think of our new shower or appliance door handle. The one pictured is in the Jazz style in Aqua Marine.

The handle also comes in the Riffs style which is a ribbed glass. The cabinet and drawer hardware is made in the USA using stainless and glass.

Cups, Pulls and Knobs for kitchen. bathroom and closet cabinets and drawers. Elegant and durable.

Click the 'Contact Us' button and send us a comment!


New Kitchen and Bath Showroom in Scottsdale, AZ

September 26, 2015 -
We are proud to announce that Roseo Design Center is now showcasing the Jazz and Riffs Hardware Collection. Philip and Ellina Angelotti have a 9,000 square foot showroom in Scottsdale Arizona where they have the finest products from the finest vendors for your home. Plenty of ideas for your kitchen and bath.

Visit Phil and Ellina and touch and feel the glass and stainless pulls and knobs of the Jazz and Riffs Hardware Collection. Perfect for all kitchen and bath cabinets and drawers. Elegant, durable and made in the USA.


The Jazz and Riffs Cabinet Hardware Team

November 13, 2015 -
The Jazz and Riffs Hardware team has relocated to Arizona. Their elegant glass kitchen and bath hardware pulls, cup pulls and knobs are still made in Seattle with their original fabricators.

The move had been in the works for years and is a welcome change. Please visit us and feel free to comment your views on our product and like us on Facebook!


Trends in Cabinet Hardware

October 29, 2015 -
We would like to start a discussion about trends in hardware. How do you feel about trends? Is this important to you? What if you install what is the newest trend and you discover that it is not really what you want?

Could it be that researching product and finding what you like may be more important than going with what has been anointed as the newest most popular thing?

Hardware on your cabinets and drawers in your kitchen and bath are going to be there for awhile as long as you select something that is durable. So it seems that selecting something that really appeals to you would make sense.

What do you think? Do you follow trends in hardware for your selections? Click the 'Contact Us' button and send us your thoughts!




Jazz Cup Pull - #JCP3 Aqua Marine

Riffs 3'' Cup Pulls AM Aqua Marine accent cherry wood glass display cabinets. Interior fabrics have a hint of aqua tone to accent hardware selection.


Jazz Pull #JP12 SW Snow White

Textured front cabinetry in glossy white finish and Jazz 12'' pulls in Snow White satin finish stainless steel.


Riffs Pull #RP18 Bombay Blue

Riffs Long Pulls Gallery


Riffs Square Pull Stormy Black #RSQP 2, 4, & 6 in.

Square Pulls in Stormy Black Riffs Glass.


Ring Knob #JK11 & Jazz Cup Pulls 3 & 6 #JCP3 #JCP6 all in Mink

This is an example of our Ring Knob Colors on Granite White Tiger.

Ring knobs on walnut and oak cabinets.
Ring knobs in a gift box.



Testimonials about Jazz & Riffs Cabinet Hardware

'I just recently purchased pieces of the Jazz Collection for my kitchen remodel in the color, Stormy Black on satin nickel for my white cabinets, I just love how the lighting from day light to evening light makes the glass hardware sprinkles with colors from different tones in the room' – George - Las Vegas

‘The Packaging is smart, and well designed and the labeling of each of the pieces for my contractor was perfect, he could see exactly where and how to install the many pieces for my new kitchen, Jazz & Riffs is a beautiful line and well designed from start to finish’ – Teresa – Las Vegas

‘I used the Jazz 2’’ squares and requested to have them in Snow White, there was no additional up charge, I used 8’’ long pulls and 1’’ square knobs to match. The combination was gorgeous, and my client just loves them’ – Susan - Arizona

‘Recently my design for a standard door handle changed when I saw the Riffs Collection 18 ‘’ long pull in Purple Haze, I asked if I could get longer screws to attach the pull on a standard wood door and Jazz & Riffs new exactly what size to send at no up charge, the 18’’ length pull in Purple Haze on Honduras- Mahogany looks stunning’ – Brett – New York City