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See our Jazz and Riffs cabinet hardware as it looks installed on actual cabinetry. Cup Pulls, Long Pulls, Ring Pulls, Shower Handles and Square Pulls.

Jazz Cup Pull - 3 in./ Aqua Marine/ Satin / #JCP3 AM S

Photo Gallery Sample of Cup Pulls


Jazz Pull 8 in./ Golden Eyes/ Satin #JP8 GE S

These photos show our Jazz Long Pulls with golden eye glass, installed on actual cabinetry.


Riffs Pull / 18 in. / Bombay Blue/ Satin / #RP18 BB S

Riffs Long Pulls Gallery


Ring Knob #JK11MS & Jazz Cup Pulls 3 & 6 in. / Mink / Satin / #JCP3MS, JCP6MS

This is an example of our Ring Knob Colors on Granite White Tiger.
• Ring knobs on walnut and oak cabinets.
• Ring knobs in a gift box.


Riffs Square Pull / Stormy Black / Satin #RSQP4 SBS, #RSQP6SBS, #RSQP2SBS

Square Pulls in Stormy Black Riffs Glass.

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