Alexa Milton



Alexa Milton interior design and restaurant design services

Whether you’re building from scratch or renovating an existing space, the end result must be an appealing environment people want to come back to. That’s why Alexa Milton Interior Design is the obvious choice.

Our team of designers, architects, project managers and drafters can undertake anything from initial concept to leveling the last piece of artwork on the wall.

Our design team will completely service your needs and your style. Whether your space is large or small, luxury or casual, we transform your space into a place guests keep coming back to. Our services include:

Interior Design Services

  • Preliminary Concept Drawing Set
    • Floor Plan
    • Interior Concept Drawings
    • Exterior Colors and Materials Drawing
  • Preliminary, drawings for submittals and follow-up from start to finish
  • Budget outline for entire design package
  • Color boards
  • Specifications
  • Construction Drawings: floor plans, elevations, casework details, lighting design, furniture selection and general details
  • Procurement Services

Restaurant Consulting

  • Developing and Building New Restaurants
  • Concept Development
  • Menu and Signage Design

Interior Drawings

  • Working Drawings
  • Code Interpretation and Consultation in All States
  • Cost Estimates
  • Construction Specifications
  • Negotiation or Bidding Coordination
  • Construction Contract Administration carry out

Our design team can carry out any or all of the services mentioned. Please contact us at anytime.

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