Alexa Milton

Restaurant Design

Restaurant Design

Restaurant designer Alexa Milton creates distinct dining environments

Even well-established restaurants require the occasional restaurant design update to stay relevant to customers. As times change, so do customer expectations. The smart restaurateur makes sure their restaurant stays fresh and never goes stale.

With over 15 years experience as a restaurant design firm, our expertise makes us attentive to what needs to happen in a restaurant inside and out to deliver the dining experience our customers crave.

We design for new restaurants, restaurants that are expanding, and restaurants ready for a revamp. And we design for every size restaurant: mid- to large-size restaurants, chefs opening a signature restaurant, and even national chains. Also, we design for cafeterias in hospitals, schools and corporate offices, creating environments that are different and exciting, to help companies attract and keep top employees.

My team and I create more than a restaurant design: we create a space, an environment, an experience, a feeling. According to my firm, a restaurant design is a concept, not a look. It encompasses the lighting, the colors, the mood, the signage…from what the building looks like on the outside when a customer drives up to how it’s laid out on the inside as people move through it. The whole restaurant is one continuous concept with purpose and order. Every aspect and detail is part of the design. We also consider the service end of it, meaning how the restaurant lays out with the kitchen, how much square footage the kitchen needs, how the wait staff works in the restaurant, accessibility and more.

Our knowledge of the restaurant industry is so deep; we design to your desired check average. Early in the process we’ll ask you how many customers you want to be able to handle and how much you want your average check to be. Then we’ll design to those factors.

We also draw on our restaurant expertise to serve as a consultant, assisting architects to design restaurants, food service facilities and small retail spaces. Working with and developing good relationships with kitchen designers and contractors is also imperative to our successful designs. Our team knows how various parts of a restaurant are supposed to be constructed, how the lighting should be engineered, and how sound will travel throughout the space. We’re even familiar with restaurant equipment capabilities, so we can design and provide drawings for custom cabinets, counters and unique social areas.

No matter your business, our designs are distinctively yours, whether you’re a chef developing a personal brand for your new restaurant, or a chain restaurant ready for a new concept to keep you current with public taste.

Contact us today to discover how restaurant design can keep your guests coming back.

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