Alexa Milton



Restaurant designer Alexa Milton
creates distinctive dining experiences

What’s your number one goal as a restaurateur? Contented guests who keep coming back. Your restaurant’s design plays a critical role in satisfying those guests, creating an atmosphere that enhances their experience and your brand.

Yet successful restaurant design means more than a particular paint color or style of chair. It requires an integrated environment in which every detail has its purpose. That’s why restaurant designer Alexa Milton, Inc. is your obvious choice.

Alexa Milton, Inc. creates restaurant interiors that deliver the dining experience you desire by using instinctive designer talents and mastery of color. But this firm also brings to the table an astute knowledge of the restaurant industry. We are in tune with how restaurants work; the workflow of wait staff and the total operations of a full serviced restaurant. Our total collaboration with architects and chefs is a given because critical input is essential for the entire restaurant concept to come into vision. Moreover, the firm enjoys design consulting and joining forces with architects and business developers to create stimulating spaces.

From café to cafeteria, bistro to BBQ, fine dining to fast food, Alexa Milton creates distinctive, fun and exciting environments.

See examples of Alexa Milton’s work as a restaurant designer.

Alexa Milton’s specialized restaurant, food and drink related interiors and small retail design skills are so sought after that the firm also provides services to golf courses, corporations, high rise buildings, hotels, homes and governmental buildings.

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