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Case Studies

Case Studies

Suburban Seattle Interior Design Firm, Alexa Milton, Inc., takes your business from low performance to fast profits all with a creative twist.

Spuds Fish & Chips Restaurant

Client: Spuds Fish & Chips Restaurant - Juanita/Seattle Area

Spuds Fish & Chips had been a local fixture on the Seattle/Juanita restaurant scene for more than 30 years, and had developed a large following of repeat customers over the years thanks to its charm and delicious, well-priced food.

Although the restaurant’s look gave Spuds much of its unique charm, the interior hadn’t changed in many years and the style had become both worn and outdated. Alexa was brought in to upgrade the look and feel of the interior while maintaining the distinctive style customers had come to know and love.

In addition to modernizing the look and adding extra spice through the use of fresh colors, floor materials and new lighting, Alexa created a new counter design and changed the way customer traffic flowed through the restaurant. The results: Not only was the owner thrilled with the new look, but sales revenue increased by 30% thanks to the restaurants’ newfound ability to handle more customers efficiently in the same amount of time.

Alexa Milton Interior Design

Mt. Rainier Guest Services

Client: Mt. Rainier Guest Services - Paradise Inn and Visitor Center

Alexa Milton Interior DesignOne of Mt. Rainier National Park’s biggest attractions, the 92-year-old Paradise Inn guest lodge was originally built in 1916 with 121 guest rooms, a dining room, the Tatoosh Café, and a gift shop featuring authentic Native American arts and crafts. The lobby area was filled with a variety of well loved, handmade woodwork including a clock, giant tables and chairs, and a piano dating back to 1919. Though it had been renovated in the past, the Inn was in desperate need of repair, retrofitting for earthquakes, and being brought up to modern disability codes.

The renovation plans for the inn also included remodeling the cafe and gift shop to more vintage conditions. However, it was extremely important for the building to maintain its historic charm. That’s where Alexa Milton Interior Design came in.

Thanks to her wealth of experience working in historic buildings, Alexa knew exactly how to re-design the cafe and gift shop with modern materials and new displays while enhancing the building’s historic charm. The café was updated with custom built-in cabinets, fresh rustic furnishings, custom menu boards and all new colors and floor materials. At the same time, the retail gift shop received custom designed display cabinets, new colors and floor materials.

In the case of a beloved, historic building like the Paradise Inn, the greatest compliment that can be paid after a renovation is that while the interior seems brighter and fresher, it still remains historically well preserved. Not only was Alexa able to design new interiors that blended seamlessly with the historic charm and fixtures of the Paradise Inn, she finished the project on time and on budget.

"It looks the same, but I can spot the differences," said Patti Fowler, who worked at the lodge in 2005 and will run the gift shop this season. "It's the same warm feeling when you walk through the doors."

Alexa Milton Interior Design

Chan's Place

Chan's Place - Issaquah and Sammamish, Washington

Chan’s Place unveiled its sister location dispensing with the predictable red and black décor like most Chinese restaurants. Spending $750,000 to create a high ceiling, multi-textured dining room, seating 150, bar and two private dining areas. The space is a mixture of Asian images and materials but is decidedly contemporary with bright patterned carpet, faux finished walls and custom lighting. Over head at large dining booth is a custom fabricated metal canopy that adds a sense of privacy for diners. A waterfall flows with stones, bamboo plants defining the entry.

Alexa is a hand-on designer who prefers direct contact with client and dining room alike. Her design philosophy includes knowing what type of interior setting will help drive a restaurant’s revenue. “I have to understand not only what design will work for a client, but also what is going to bring customers through the door” –Alexa

Alexa Milton Interior Design

“I ask them ‘how much do they want to make?’ and then look at what the market and area can handle.”

It helps that she grew up in a family of restaurant and hotel operators from Florida, Illinois and San Francisco. In addition to Chan’s Place at Klahanie Village, Milton’s touch is evident in a number of Eastside restaurants, including the new Coho Café in Redmond, WA and Pogacha in downtown Issaquah, WA. – Eastside Business Journal, Debra Prinzing, Staff Reporter

"Alexa Milton impressed us with her flair for color and design, and her originality. I initially expressed a strong dislike for orange, but Alexa convinced me it was THE color to use as an accent for our restaurant. She was right. We're constantly complimented on the look and feel of our restaurant, and we owe that to Alexa. I would recommend Alexa's interior design capabilities to anyone who wants something created just for them." - Tony Chan, Owner


Canyons - Redmond, Washington

Canyons brand has evolved over the past ten years, and yet keeps a fresh and vibrant identity with the trends of the restaurant industry

Alexa Milton Interior Design

Alexa Milton Interior Design has been on board as the lead designer and has developed most of Canyon’s look, including the unique art pieces, metal sculptures, fabrics, paint colors and overall design the customers have enjoyed along the way. Alexa continues to keep Canyon’s look updated and fresh.

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