Alexa Milton

About Alexa

About Alexa

Restaurant designer Alexa Milton is a master of color, design and space

Alexa Milton Interior Design

Alexa Milton is the key to AMID’s design strength. Alexa’s artistic eye, flair for color, attention to details and exceptional spatial skills give her the ability to create highly functional yet appealing environments. Her distinct talents for innovative design allow her to easily create signature interiors filled with the character and feeling you want whether pizzazz or warmth, luxury or economy, all while staying true to your brand.

Alexa is always looking forward in the world of interior and architectural design, discovering new and sustainable materials, creating her own unique colors, and developing innovative new styles.

Although Alexa specializes in restaurant design and consulting, and restaurants make up 75% of AMID’s clientele, she also designs for public spaces, hotels, homes, corporate offices and government spaces.

Alexa started working in the interior design industry during college. Her early years were spent designing all types of interiors, including offices, public spaces, banks, retail, yachts, planes, motels, hotels and restaurants. Alexa’s grandparents owned restaurants and motels, giving Alexa firsthand knowledge about both the restaurant and hospitality industries.

Although well-established as a restaurant designer with a national clientele, Alexa continues to study the theory of color and how people react to it. She has won awards for her color knowledge and the breakdown of its bases. She also maintains a large resource library at her design studio that she and her team use to stay current with the newest furnishings, details, lighting and colors, as well as design trends of the past.

She keeps herself not just up-to-date but ahead of the curve to anticipate what will appeal to your guests. Alexa is constantly learning and traveling to be ahead of the game in design. Alexa avoids trendy designs that won’t last. She focuses on what will serve you and your guests best now and last until it’s time for another fresh look.

Alexa is both thoughtful and visionary. She determines what needs to happen in your space to take your vision and push it into the future, so it works today and for the next five years. Alexa is detail oriented, seeing the whole big picture. She considers every aspect, whether that aspect is part of her services or not.

Please feel free to contact her with any type of interior design questions.

Professional memberships:

  • IIDA – International Interior Design Associates
  • US Green Building Council – Certified LEED-AP
  • Seattle Rotary
  • Bellevue Chamber of Commerce
  • Issaquah Chamber of Commerce

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