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About Us

About Us

Alexa Milton, Inc. for distinct design and extraordinary experiences

We design more than spaces. We design experiences

Established in 1977, Alexa Milton , Inc. is a nationally recognized firm specializing in restaurant design and food and drink interiors. Yet we also design for residential, hotel, government, country club and small retail clients. Increasingly, the marketplace is recognizing the pivotal role good design plays in the success or failure of a business. That’s why your choice of interior designer is critical. Make sure you hire a designer with the experience, expertise and insight to create the spaces that deliver what your business needs to succeed.

When we design, we create experiences by making sure the interior flows throughout, the space has a uniqueness about it, the colors emit a feeling, the furniture and flooring are functional yet coordinate with the environment, and the lighting ties together all these parts to create a whole, an environment and experience that serves organization’s needs and those of your guests or employees. Every space we create is singular, unique and distinct.

We can assemble and lead project teams that consist of contractors and consulting architects or be part of an established team. “Design is essentially a collaborative process, and we have formed strong working relationships with architects, contractors and suppliers to ensure delivery of a complete and well-executed project,” says Alexa. Moreover, the firm enjoys design consulting and joining forces with architects and business developers to create stimulating and sustainable spaces.

In observance with the environment, Alexa Milton, Inc. is a proud member of the US Green Building Council.

To see more of our successful interior designs please view our portfolio.

Design Team


  • Kitchen equipment supplier
  • Menu writer
  • Signage and graphics
  • Landscape architect
  • General contractor
  • Audio services

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